Still Here: A Past to Present Insight to Native American People and Culture

(Disponibile anche in lingua italiana)

Danielle and Carlotta teamed up with book publisher, DOTS, to produce a quick read offering insights about Native American people and culture. Since the birth of The Red Road Project, we have been believers that education is power. We have also gotten a lot of inquiries from educators around the world expressing interest of having supplemental materials for the classroom on various topics pertaining to Native American studies and this book is the start to our journey of providing such materials. This book is ideal for those that know little to nothing about the culture and people but would like to get a brief overview of important topics that begin from colonization and continue through today. While this book is not meant to capture our intent with The Red Road Project, we do utilize some firsthand stories and photos we’ve collected during our work on the project.

“As a Native American myself, I am often approached with curiosity and a need for insight by my non-Native peers – both American and non-American – that know little to nothing of our U.S. history as it relates to the indigenous people and cultures that existed here pre-colonization.

What I have found, and what has inspired me to want to write this book, is that even most Americans that I come across do not know the true history of American Indian people and in some cases, that we even still exist today! I wanted to write a quick, easy-to-read book that addresses a lot of questions I receive as well as offer a high-level overview on particular topics of history and culture of Native American peoples in the U.S.”

–Author Danielle SeeWalker

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